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To install Gene Construction Kit, first download and install MacUpdate Desktop

With Simple Grids, it is possible to practice addition (+) and multiplication (x) problems. A grid is created from white and blue fields. To complete the grid, you need to enter the missing numbers in to the white fields. You can calculate the missing numbers by making use of the numbers inside the blue fields. Localization: English, German

The OpenLink Express ODBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server is a Type-B class of driver enabling seamless connectivity to your database out-of-the-box, thus eliminating the need for the installation of any database-specific client networking software. This driver simplifies the configuration requirements at every attempt, maximizing your data-capability whilst minimising the requirement for knowledge of the database specifics.

VirusBarrier Scanner can be a free antivirus and malware removal tool for Mac. Choose between maximum protection to only scan all files on your Mac which participate in you, or essential protection to scan locations where malware is frequently found. Or manually scan a unique location such as your own document folders. Intego VirusBarrier Scanner will depend on the first Mac anti-malware scanning engine present in VirusBarrier. It can scan your personal machine on a periodic basis or once you request to carry out a scan. To scan all files on the Mac in real-time and further layers of protection, try Mac Internet Security X9, or choose Mac Premium Bundle for comprehensive Intego security suite of items.

Main features: Red Eye Reduction, Brightness, Contrast, Sepia, Exposure, Levels, Gain & Bias, Color Filter, NTSCColorFilter, Hue, Saturation, Lightness, Desaturate, Gamma, Blend (22 modes), Rotate, Diffuse, Interlace, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical, GrayScale, Invert , Sharpen, Smooth, Blur, MotionBlur, Gaussian Blur, Edge Detect, RankOrderFilter, Emboss, Pixelate, Mean Removal, Invert,Contrast Stretch, Equalize, Replace Color, Custom 3×3 matrix filter, Oil Paint, high quality Crystalize, Bilinear Scaling, Stretch, Polar Coordinates, Shape Distort, Barrel Distort, Twirl, Wave, Water Drops, Surface Wave, PageCurl, TrimPicture, Create Chroma masks, Render Clouds, Render Wood, Render Marble, Render Textile, Render Labyrinth, Map, ChannelMixer, ImageComparer as well as a IProgressHandler Interface support for each and every filter.

The MailFollowUp bundle adds a “Follow Up” item on the Message and contextual menus (and optional toolbar item) of Apple’s Mail application that allows you to compose (after which send) a quoted version in the original message to all of the original recipients, keeping the To, CC, and BCC addresses the same manner they appeared inside the original message.

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